Lehmann Documentation Overview

Basic Documents

Apple iBooks (web adaptation): Lotte Lehmann & Her Legacy Volumes 1-9 are now available on this website.

Updated complete Lehmann biography by Beaumont Glass

Bios and Obits

Commercial Discography Revised January 2020

Non-Commercial Discography

Discography Index

Discography with sound


Lehmann’s Birth Certificate

Lotte Lehmann & Her Legacy iBook Volume IX (PDF) is titled Documents

Lehmann Sings

1939 Met Der Rosenkavalier (excerpts) with commentary

1940 Met (in Boston) Die Walküre (excerpts) with commentary

1938 Met Die Walküre

Listen for the difference sound engineers can make on these radio broadcast recordings. Mostly Lieder, you’ll also find Puccini, Wagner, etc.

Live Vienna Opera excerpts from Tannhäuser, Die Meistersinger, Andrea Chenier, Die Walküre, and Der Rosenkavalier

Live (outdoor) 1946 Seattle with orchestra

Test pressings sent by UCSB (Lieder, opera, etc.)

Recently compiled Die schöne Müllerin with her singing, teaching, and art

Introduction to art song using Lehmann


Lehmann’s Writing

As many of Lehmann’s poems as could be located.

Letters Mme Lehmann sent to me (Gary Hickling).

Lehmann’s novelette: Of Heaven, Hell and Hollywood

Lehmann’s earliest publication, a small book of poems called Verse in Prosa

Lehmann’s diary from her 1937 tour of Australia called Beneath the Southern Cross

Lehmann Bibliography

Lehmann’s Letters

Lehmann’s Goering story with Dr. Kater’s version

“The Singing Actress Attacks Her Part”, from the April 1937 Theatre Arts Monthly

Thomas Pasatieri’s Sieben Lehmann-Lieder

Read what she wrote about Bruno Walter. Or Der Rosenkavalier. The foreword and post script Lehmann wrote to her autobiography are famous and we offer, on the same page, her introduction to her book More than Singing. Lehmann wrote her last book, Eighteen Song Cycles, in 1972. You may read the published as well as the unpublished (and Lehmann-candid) introduction. The page called “misc” writings is interesting to scroll through. You can find Lehmann poetry, articles on Toscanini, her feelings about her own recordings and more.

Critics, fans, and students write

Lehmann-related pages from Vincent Sheean’s First and Last Love

Quotes from many sources, Steane, etc.

Magazine Articles


Quotes from various sources on Lehmann’s private life

Beaumont Glass on knowing and working with Lehmann

Images (newspaper clippings, etc.) sent by UCSB

Marcia Davenport’s “Profile” on Lehmann from the 23 February 1935 New Yorker

Recital and Concert Programs, Reviews

Newspaper Clippings (Europe)

Newspaper Clippings 1968-1988


Lehmann hosts a film with her students: “An Evening with Lotte Lehmann”

Lehmann’s Farewell Recital photos, speech, etc.

Daniele Palma’s paper on Lehmann’s singing of Dichterliebe

Mixed documents of many sources

Booklet for Lehmann’s “Great Recordings of the Century”

1935 TIME magazine article on Lehmann

Music & Arts CD-ROM of the texts and translations of their “125th Birthday Tribute”

Music & Arts CD-ROM of the Beaumont Glass short Lehmann biography for their “125th Birthday Tribute”

“Notes on Singing” an article based on an interview with Lehmann

Photos from Das Interessante Blatt and Die Bühne, during Lehmann’s Vienna years

Lehmann’s Roles and Song Titles

Lehmann/Melchior Recitals

Lehmann in Wigmore Hall

Lotte Lehmann League and Lotte Lehmann Foundation Newsletters


Playbills, mostly opera

Recording Data

Lehmann Interview on Recordings

Available Records

Test Pressings

CD Index: to help you find the particular song or aria on CD

Transfer Engineers’ Tasks

Recording Dates’ Worksheets

Odeon Records catalog pages that include Lehmann (1924-1934)

Hand-written pages of off-the-air tapes in the Rhodes Collection

Lotte Lehmann & Her Legacy iBooks

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