Marlina Deasy Hartanto submitted a paper on Lehmann called “Exploring Expressive Lied Performance: Re-enacting Lotte Lehmann’s Pre-World War II Lied Performances,” as a master project for the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague on November 9, 2021. We were able to access it at without charge at on June 26, 2023. 

You can read this paper by going to

There is no charge for accessing this work. The menu on the exposition page (or first page) appears when hovering with the mouse over the top of the page. Hovering on “content,” you will see the table of contents. Clicking on any of the items will direct you to the other pages.

Hartanto uses as examples of Lehmann’s singing “An die Musik” and “Ich grolle Nicht” and assumes that they were recorded “acoustically” (using a horn instead of a microphone), but in each case, these were “electric” recordings, as were all of Lehmann’s discs from 1927 on. The great advantage of a modern thesis paper is that the author can provide the very sound she wishes to analyze.