Gary Hickling & Dennis Moore

Gary Hickling

This portion of the Lotte Lehmann League site holds information about Gary Hickling, the art song aficionado and Lehmann expert. Gary’s connection to Lehmann and his background with his proud moments and “one-offs” are also accessible. You can find the archive of his radio programs, Singing and other Sins and other aspects of his delight in the world of art song, by going to the Art Song portion of this site. You may also read the first volume of his memoir, My Livn Lovn, as a PDF. That means no audio or video. The recently-added portion of Volume IX Lotte Lehmann & Her Legacy includes the post cards and letters she sent to Gary: Lotte Lehmann Documents. I speak about J.A.

Dennis Moore

The other person presented on this site is Gary’s partner, Dennis Moore – composer, artist, and pianist. View Mr. Moore’s gallery of Digital Artwork, showcasing his work produced from 2008 – present. On his home page you’ll find photos from the opening of a Honolulu gallery presentation of his works. You can listen to the piece he wrote for solo double bass as performed by Gary, and hear him as pianist to Gary’s singing.

You can view the 21 December 2013 wedding photos and video of Gary and Dennis.