Art Song Central Overview

The field of classical song, recital song, solo song, or the most common English expression, “art song” is seldom given the attention that the field deserves.

From this page you find those experts (singers, teachers, pianists, song festivals) and their services to art song.

Here you can also view my various art song projects:

The archive of Singing and other Sins, our radio program on HPR 2 that used to be broadcast on Saturdays at 5pm

Here’s an added page: Art Song News

The film “Three American Art Songs”

Ideas on Supra Titles for recitals


You can introduce yourself to the best performances of art song from the past as well as the present.

The World of Song Award was presented to those composers, pianists and singers who have a strong influence in the genre.

The International Art Song Contest has been discontinued. You can still enjoy programs from past winners.

Here’s an archive of winners of the Hawaii-based Art Song Contest. On this page you can see and hear Beebe Freitas at work.

We recorded some Honolulu-based singers to perform Hapa-Haole songs as art songs.

This site also offers a page of sampling of the history of great art song performance.

Finally, here’s a section on the various names and definitions of art song.