Lehmann Sings

Lehmann with Gérard Souzay

Recordings You can listen to every commercial recording made by Lehmann from 1914-1949.

Special Aria or Song A concentrated account of a particular opera aria or the Schubert cycle, Winterreise, with Lehmann’s own paintings and recitation, as well as her singing.

Songs in English Since many of the visitors to this site speak English, this can be an especially nice introduction to the world of Lehmann.

Light songs and operetta The division between “art” music and light music wasn’t so distinct in Lehmann’s time and she sang and recorded a lot of pop-like songs.

LL with Big City co-star Margaret O'Brien

LL with Big City co-star Margaret O’Brien

MGM Movie Clip: BigCity

You can hear the 6 January 2015 presentation called Lotte Lehmann, Legendary and Unknown prepared by Gary Hickling for the Vocal Record Collectors Society. The presentation included Lehmann singing well known as well as rare aspects of her repertoire. Gary Hickling provided the introductions to each selection Part OnePart Two lasts just over 30 minutes.

Lehmann CDs: A compilation of the CDs and their contents.

Famous Conductors for whom Lehmann Sang

Comparisons It’s always interesting to hear how Lehmann sounds in comparison with others of her time and ours.

Roles & Repertoire One can view the roles that Lehmann sang on the opera stage, how many times she sang them and when she first essayed them. The list of her art song (Lieder) repertoire is also available.

Discography This discography is useful for those who want the details of matrices, takes, and recording dates. The first listed “Recordings” offers a simplified “discography” with the sound for each entry.

Missing Recordings These are radio broadcasts for which we have little or no sound documentation. Keep your eyes out!

Here’s a live excerpt of Lehmann in the final Meistersinger quintet: Selig wie die Sonne_with the Vienna Opera conducted by  Weingartner in 1935 in quite bad sound, but fun to hear on the stage. And next a slightly cleaned up version of the acoustically horrible (but exciting) short-wave broadcast of Toscanini conducting Lehmann in the Abscheulicher and Komm’ Hoffnung of 16 August 1936. YouTube has posted a really well-filtered version of one of Lehmann’s most popular recordings, the 1924 acoustic of Korngold’s famous duet from Die tode Stadt with Richard Tauber.