Lotte Lehmann & Her Legacy: Volume 1

Sincere thanks to the University of California Santa Barbara Library, Department of Special Collections, for the use of elements from the Lotte Lehmann estate.

Their staff, which helped greatly, included David Seubert, Zak Liebhaber, and Nadine Turner. Special thanks to Daisy C. Muralles, Information Services Assistant, Special Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library. It was through her that we received many of the rare photos.

The copy editors of my often questionable English were Ginny Turner and Judith Sutcliffe. Thanks also to Dr. Albert Schütz, Dr. Hermann Schornstein, and Ann McKinney for their help. Suggestions were provided by Dennis Moore and Dixon Smith. The latter helped with layout and generally got the presentation together. Without Dixon’s help this presentation would not have been possible.

Mark Obert-Thorn reviewed the technical aspects of the chapter titled “Early Recordings.”

The audio engineer was Lani Spahr, who was able to make enjoyable some heretofore unlistenable historic Lehmann recordings.

The rare audio tracks of Lehmann were provided by Ward Marston with help from the New England School of Music’s Record Library.

Research in Vienna was done by Peter Claussen and Damian Griego.

Philip Ulanowsky provided the Lehmann photo that she had sent to his father.

Thanks are due to Charles Husson, for the transcriptions of DATs which contained rare recordings and master classes. 

Janet Olson, Assistant University Archivist at Northwestern University provided some student names.

We were granted permission to use excerpts from the master class videos courtesy of Video Artists International. Here is a list of the VAI Lehmann items, with links:

Lotte Lehmann: The New York Farewell Recital (1951)

Lotte Lehmann Sings Lieder and Orchestral Songs (1941-1950)

Lotte Lehmann: Master Classes, Vol. 1 – Lieder

Lotte Lehmann: Master Classes, Vol. 2 – Opera

Excerpts from the following record companies’ publications are acknowledged with our thanks:

ArabesqueTwo, Columbia Masterworks, Eklipse, EMI Great Recordings of the Century, EMI Références, Music & Arts, Preiser Records Lebendige Vergangenheit, Naxos Historical, Pearl, Pristine Classical, Caedmon, RCA Victor, and Romophone. Jon Tolansky gave permission for the Nupen interview.

Holger Heine and Suzanne Savet of Topos Publications contributed to the original design and development of this book.