Lotte Lehmann & Her Legacy

Volume 2


By Gary Hickling

I produced a nine-volume series of multimedia Apple Books, Lotte Lehmann & Her Legacy, available free for download here. The unique and valuable aspect of these iBooks is that I could incorporate things such as audio and video links to enhance the reading experience.

Those who don’t have access to the correct Apple product to view the iBooks have two options. Below is my attempt to offer the contents of those volumes in a web format. I have tried to recreate the iBook multimedia experience as closely as possible, but there is no tool to convert an iBook into web content. In many places I used screen captures of pages and page sections taken straight from the iBook, in other places I copy and pasted text and pictures, so you will notice a variety of visual styles.

The second option for those without access to Apple products are downloadable PDF versions of the whole series available here, but without the audio, video, inserted articles, or galleries.

Before the preliminary material, here’s a clip from Lehmann’s appearance in MGM’s Big City.

Volume 2: Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Short Bio: A mini-biography
Chapter 2: Third Career II: Her teaching
Chapter 3: Misconceptions: Who she was and wasn’t
Chapter 4: Lehmann’s Conductors: Mini-biographies of the conductors with whom she worked
Chapter 5: The Lehmann I Knew: My personal recollections
Chapter 6: The Lehmann Others Knew: The personal recollections of many others
Chapter 7: Her Legendary Marschallin: The role for which Lehmann is best remembered
Chapter 8: Dichterliebe: Lehmann’s art, reading, singing, and teaching of the cycle
Chapter 9: Arias & Lieder II: With interleaved commentary
Chapter 10: Comparisons II: Singers of her time (especially Maria Jeritza)
Chapter 11: Rare & Well Done II: Test pressings and rarities
Chapter 12: What Critics Wrote: Her reviews, both positive and negative
Chapter 12.1: Lehmann’s Reviews
Chapter 13: Tributes: Recorded tributes and a list of accolades that followed her death
Chapter 14: Exclusive Lehmann Photos II: Seldom seen photos, Dr. Schornstein’s collection, and her art
Chapter 15: Her Words II: Lehmann’s prose and poetry
Chapter 16: Music Academy of the West: Its history and my memories there
Chapter 17: Frances Holden: Who she was and what she meant in Lehmann’s life
Chapter 18: Enduring Fame: How Lehmann’s name has endured
Chapter 19: Chronology: A list of Lehmann’s performances
Chapter 20: Lehmann Meets Goering: Her story and Dr. Michael Kater’s differing perspective
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