The Introduction is focused on how to use the various aspects of the iBook that you don’t need to know in the website version. Here’s the opening paragraph: Lotte Lehmann’s legacy in recordings, films, and writing offers as much fascination now as many years ago, and it’s a joy to discover how today’s technology allows easy access to all of that. It is my privilege to meld pieces of her legacy into its own art form, a celebration I hope worthy of her charisma and creativity.

Volume 4: Table of Contents

Foreword Carl Zytowski: Carl remembers the early LL master classes
Dedication To Emily Ezust
Chapter 1 LL as taught by her students: Examples of Lehmann-inspired teaching
Chapter 2 Song Cycle Master Classes: LL’s suggestions for many cycles even those often not usually associated with her repertoire.
Chapter 3 Die schöne Müllerin: Hear LL sing and teach most of the songs. Her drawings illustrate each song.
Chapter 4 Frauenliebe und -leben: LL teaches a few of the songs from this cycle and sings them all.
Chapter 5 Dichterliebe: LL teaches most of the songs from this cycle; you can hear her reading the poetry and se her drawings for each song.
Chapter 6 Winterreise: LL teaches most of the songs from this cycle. You can see her drawings for each songs.
Chapter 7 The Author