Lotte Lehmann & Her Legacy: Volume 2

Of course I encountered Frances in bad health in my last visits, as she hobbled around. But my final memory is one of friendship and gratitude, going in both directions. On the audio track you may hear the aged Frances reading from various books and articles on Lehmann, while speaking with Judy Sutcliffe. Frances remembers some history, along with the exact years.

Holden speaking
The young Frances Holden in one of LL’s home movies, followed by a few seconds of film shot just before her death.
Getting to Orplid and its wild gardens

Photographer William B. Dewey took the following photos of Orplid shortly after Holden’s death. Lehmann had been dead for 20 years.

This bas relief hung over the fireplace. The workmanship is classic and may be an authentic della Robbia.
Behind Orplid one sees all the working areas that were added.
Behind Orplid: an open flagstone terrace with a walk-in aviary
Back of Orplid
Desk with LL photos
An early portrait of Lehmann
The landscapes above the book shelves may be painted by LL.
Holden built these garden pathways herself.
LL’s painting of her father, a bust of Strauss, and Lehmann family photos.
Writing desk surrounded by LL’s felt appliqués.
Holden built these steps leading into the garden.
Holden built bookshelves wherever there was space.
Lehmann’s piano, not used after her death. Eric Hvølboll had it send to the Lehmann Academy in Perleberg, Germany, her birthplace.
Desk with LL paintings: Winterreise above and oil paintings below
Front door of Orplid
Back of Orplid with additions prominent
Looking down into the garden with the ocean in the distance.
Garden table inlaid with Lehmann-painted tiles
Toscanini portrait (not by LL)
Three conductors on the piano: Schalk, Toscanini, Walter. LL’s painting of Toscanini on the center of the wall.