Lotte Lehmann & Her Legacy: Volume 3

Her teaching philosophy
“Don’t imitate”

Remember that these generally are not professional or studio recordings, thus there are a great variety of acoustic properties (aka noise). You are not listening to enjoy the sound, but to learn from Lehmann’s teaching, which still comes across, even in compromised sound.

Be sincere.

The following track is Lehmann greeting her Northwestern University students and audience in 1967.

Lehmann greets students.

Here are some of the moments when Lehmann offered advice to her students, or summed up her teaching philosophy.

To a Boston master class: expressive breath trick

From a Pasadena master class, here are Lehmann’s “Final Remarks.” She offers advice (and a demonstration) on the use of the hands, talks about the eyes of a singer, etc. Also, she talks about the future of fine are and warns against easy success.

Final remarks

From a MAW final master class series, here’s another Lehmann goodbye and philosophy.

Farewell and a story to illustrate her wish as a teach

In a master class Lehmann addresses the eternal question of whether a woman should sing a man’s song.

Women singing a man’s song

In 1988 WQXR in New York presented a Lehmann Centennial program. The guests included former student, Luba Tcheresky; colleague, Risë Stevens; conductor-pianist, Ignace Strassfogel; and vocal expert, librarian, and recorded sound historian, Philip Miller. I’ve removed the Lehmann recordings and done some other editing, to make it of reasonable length.

First Half WQXR LL Centennial
Second Half WQXR LL Centennial