We are happy and proud to list some of the recent additions to the Lotte Lehmann League website.

• Though not finished, the first eight volumes (of nine) of the iBook series Lotte Lehmann & Her Legacy have been converted to access on this site, complete with photos, audio, and video.

• I am no longer broadcasting Singing and other Sins, which along with its predecessor Great Songs, brought the world of art song to Hawaii Public Radio. Now I’m adding recordings of programs broadcast before 2014 to the archive. This is an ongoing project.

• Lehmann wrote a lot of poetry throughout her life. Now you can read many of the poems, often with English translations at: Lehmann’s Poems.

• Hearing Lehmann live offers a different aspect of her art. There are three new opportunities for you to enjoy this. First, in quite dreadful sound, is the complete 1937 Die Walküre. Second, in excellent sound, the 1940 Die Walküre, and third, in good sound, the 1939 Der Rosenkavalier. The latter two include the knowledgable commentary of Paul Jackson from his Saturday Afternoons at the Old Met, The Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts, 1931-1950.

• Upon completing Volume 2 of the iBook Lotte Lehmann & Her Legacy, I noticed that two Lehmann tributes were missing. A short one from then Met general manager, Rudolph Bing, and another rather cool one from Elisabeth Schwarzkopf. These are at the end of Chapter 6 called “The Lehmann Others Knew.”