Dennis Moore

Here are the photos from Dennis & Gary’s wedding ceremony and reception. Thanks to Suchi, who edited it, you can now see a video of the ceremony and the reception. She recently found a photo she took of Dennis and me on the Big Island when Dennis was still hiking, kayaking, swimming and leaping off cliffs. Gary and Dennis   For the Digital Designs of Dennis click:
PAGE 1 PAGE 2 This is a page dedicated to my friend and partner, (and as of December 21, 2013, “wedded partner”) Dennis Moore. You can hear the recording we made of songs that we love for voice and piano. This is a house recording and is offered first to Dennis’ mother, Jennie, and then to our friends. The original words and translations are available on this site.  Oh Rest in the Lord, Stopping in WoodsWidmung (O danke nicht)Saphische Ode, Wie MelodienRain in SpringLydiaLinden LeaLe CharmeAmarilli Also on this site is the recording that I made of Dennis’ “Three Pieces for Solo Bass.” We entered it in the International Society of Bassists’ composition contest in June 2012. We did not win. But it’s a fine piece that I’m happy to share, both my playing of it and more importantly, the actual sheet music: Toccata Elegie  Dance  My performance of the movements is limited by my facility. The outer movements (the Toccata and Dance) should go faster. But the following recording I made will give you an idea of the music. I hope you enjoy Dennis’ “Three Pieces for Solo Bass”: Toccata Elegie Dance It’s obvious that Dennis and I share a love of music, art and learning, but we also are able to share in the up-bringing of Eva Malia Ramm, here seen as a baby with Dennis on Kailua Beach. Click on the photo to see it full-size. Dennis is a talented pianist, and we’ll soon be posting some of his piano work. But he’s also an artist, and this is your chance to see examples of his computer-generated art, he calls Digital Designs. Click on  PAGE 1 to see the first page of his art. Double click on the image to see it full-size and learn its title. The larger you make the image, the more detail you’ll see.   You can find another page of Mr. Moore’s abstracts (which include his whimsical “botanicals”) on PAGE 2. If you wish to purchase a copy: 8 1/2″ x 11″ glossy, titled, signed, and dated by Dennis, please contact us at the email given in the “contact me” portion of the “Your Input” page. Each image is available for $150, plus postage. The postage for a mailing tube in the US costs less than $3. Two of Mr. Moore’s Digital Designs were accepted in the “Windward Artists Guild 53rd Annual Juried Exhibit.”  You can see a few photos below from the reception, and here’s a link of other photos from the gallery opening.  The exhibit took place at the First Hawaiian Tower, aka Pan Pacific Plaza. The Juror was Lauren C. Faulkner.

Below are some comments that Dennis has received on the art work. If you care to write something, just send it in the “Your Input” section. Dennis Bilder sind wirklich klasse, sehr beeindruckend !!/ Translation: Dennis’ art works are really first class, very impressive !! Astonished by Dennis’ imaginative and futuristic images, powerful color creating surreal & hyper real sci-fi mysteries. Wow – the art here is wonderful – the music is very fine, but I’m not as sophisticated in bass music (or as familiar) as with visual art pieces – and goodness – we should do an exhibit somewhere – Morning Brew? Che Pasta? As to Dennis’s art, I looked at it with my mouth ajar! He has enormous talent in his field, and I wonder what he’s done with it professionally? I am greatly impressed by his technical facility which allows him to produce such a wealth of really interesting compositions. I am thinking that the Museum should consider such an exhibition. Dennis’ wonderful (! who knew?) paintings. A most remarkable person. Was für eine Überraschung!  I am thrilled!!!!!!!!!!! Aber die Bilder von Dennis sind umwerfend! Was für ein Künstler – besonders das Bild Duet finde ich so ergreifend. Dennis, ich gratuliere Dir zu Deinem Talent und hoffe, es macht Dich ein bisschen froh, wenn Du so viele Dinge aus Dir herausholen kannst. Da verarbeitest Du doch sicher eine Menge Gefühle, Gedanken vielleicht auch Schmerzen? Ich hoffe und wünsche es Dir. Translation: What a surprise! The pictures by Dennis are staggering! What an artist – especially the picture called “Duet” I find very moving. Dennis, I congratulate you on your talent and hope it makes you a little happy, when you can extract so many things out of yourself. That you certainly process a lot of feelings, thoughts, perhaps also pain? I hope that, and wish it for you. I love abstract works, even though I also enjoy realism. So cudo to Dennis for the design.  It is very pleasing, and I would love to see more of his visual work. Well that was a treat indeed, love the art … I was very impressed with his art work. I didn’t know anything of this. Very impressed. Are these computer graphics? Amazing results.

Abstract Harmony by Dennis Moore