Hapa Haole Songs as Art Songs

The following Hapa Haole Hawaiian songs were recorded with the intention of fund raising. We treated these songs with the same recording conditions as an art song: no amplification and with the wonderful Bösendorfer in the Atherton Studio at HPR. We’ll begin this wonderful set with Quinn’s mother Debbie singing “Aloha ‘oe.”  Aloha ‘Oe

My personal friend, Albert Schütz, taught Polynesian languages at UH, audited Dale Hall’s Art Song class with me, and recorded some of these Hawaiian songs with Dale at the piano. Here’s “Ua like, no a like.”   Ua like

The other participant in this endeavor was Les Cebalos, a marvelous tenor. I think his singing of “Ku’u I’ini” is amazing. Listen for his last note!  Ku’u i’ini Here’s his “Ahe Ono,”  Ahe “Na Wai,”   Na wai  “He Ono”   He ono  and “Maika’i Wai.”  Maik’i wai

In this section I’ll present all the rest of Al’s Hawaiian songs. Beautiful Kahana   Ka inuwai  Mai poina  Nana Hawaii   Pua Roselani

The following songs are all sung by Debby. As with a few previous songs, I’m still looking for the real titles!  Ha o–  Ka Makani  Kam waltz

Here are the remain songs by Les.  Ulu wehi  Keala 

And one surprise of William Lymann with Beebe at a Winners Recital singing the Kam Waltz.