Enrique Arias engaged in following LyricLanguages

Though the songs of LyricLanguages can be enjoyed by anyone on many levels, I developed them in support of an educational goal, to provide an effective and easily accessible method of bringing classical song to students in the foreign language lab.

LyricLanguages is also an easy way to introduce art song to a novice. Here’s a rap intro. Adam’s Rap

Suitable for high school and college level study, this cost-effective learning tool showcases some of the world’s most exquisitely conceived vocal music. Welcomed by many educators as a change of pace in foreign language study, LyricLanguages adds a new dimension to the learning process by bringing together the poetry, art song and art of the culture the students are aspiring to absorb. In a brief time frame a hitherto unknown aspect of world culture can be experienced and enjoyed.

LyricLanguages is easily available here where school-based computer technicians can download it without charge. The wealth of available songs combined with the potential for cross-cultural learning make this a valuable addition to any language computer lab throughout the world.

This program has already been tested on high school students of French and Spanish. The results, as testified to by the teachers and observers, were very satisfying.

I’ll be adding the LyricLanguages asap.