LL 1936 as ToscaMarston Records  released a 4 CD set of the acoustic recordings of Lotte Lehmann and now the second 6 CD set of her Berlin-recorded electrics is available. You can see Ward Marston’s  video trailer for the second set. The latest techniques have been utilized to make the sound as beautiful as possible.

The iBooks Lotte Lehmann & Her Legacy (Volumes I-IX) are ready to download to your iPad or iMac (they are free!). I’ve been working on this project since 2015 and am happy to report that there are hundreds of good-sounding audio tracks, beautiful photos, many videos, and rarities. The never-before-heard Lieder from radio broadcasts can be heard in chapters called “Rare & Well-Done” in Volumes I and II. You may have the “Lehmann-Experience” of Schubert’s Winterreise: Lehmann reads each Müller poem, sings the songs, and has provided a painting for all 24 songs in Volume I. That same treatment occurs for Dichterliebe in Volume II and has now been added to this site. Here are summaries of the contents of each iBook: 

Volume I (a general overview of Lehmann’s accomplishments along with her singing); Volume II (an expansion of the first volume and more personal reflections by fans and students); Volume III (master classes of individual songs); Volume IV (master classes of song cycles); Volume V (master classes of opera arias/scenes); Volume VI (interviews in English); Volume VII (interviews in German); Volume VIII (Lehmann art works including her satyrical novelette “On Heaven, Hell, and Hollywood”; Volume IX (Documents: Lehmann’s own handwritten description of many songs, as well as her typewritten documents for use as articles in magazines, letters to her students and fans, and newly discovered photos.) 

If you don’t have the appropriate Apple product to experience all that these iBooks have to offer, you can access the PDF versions found here. There are no audio or video, no photo galleries, no pop ups, but the text and many photos are available.

Click on the iBook’s title above and it will take you the place to download it; or just go to Apple’s iBook store and type in Lotte Lehmann and you’ll find the link. There’s no charge.  Here are the reviews for Volume I in Fanfare magazine. 

Lotte Lehmann was called “the greatest artist in the world” by Toscanini. Richard Strauss uttered the words that are now engraved on her tombstone: “Sie hat gesungen, dass es Sterne rührte”—her singing moved the stars.  Here you can find the latest Lehmann news.  You can enjoy Lehmann’s actual singing of every known Lehmann commercial recordingRead what others wrote about her singing over the years. Or here’s just Lehmann’s discography.

If you’ve arrived here for the first time, you’ll want to hear Lehmann sing something from her famous Wagnerian repertoire. Dich, teure Halle