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Lotte Lehmann League Newsletters Volume 1; Volume 2; Volume 3; Volume 4; Volume 5; Volume 6.

Lehmann Foundation Newsletters

The Lotte Lehmann League Newsletter was conceived by Judy Sutcliffe and edited by her and me (Gary Hickling) from 1989 – 94. This collection of the LLL Newsletters will allow you to read many of the articles which appeared over the four year life of the publication. Many of the references are no longer useful, but it can give one the true idea of how quickly things change! I’m bringing the links up to date one volume at a time.

The second set of newsletters (SongScape) was produced for the Lotte Lehmann Foundation. First, edited by me and then with help from Suchi Psarakos. When the Foundation moved to New York, I continued to help write it, but board members there did the editing and layout work. The Foundation slowly died out and with it the newsletters.

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