This volume of my memories is the more personal of the two volumes (sorry no sex in either volume). It just seemed more reasonable as there will be readers with different interests (if any) in my life and its adventures (at least they seem so to me).

As mentioned in Volume 1, the cooperation of Dennis in helping me with all memories from 1973 on, could not be overvalued. That same sense of thanks goes to Dixon Smith, who has helped with the memoir with the dedication and expertise which found their expression in the series Lotte Lehmann & Her Legacy. One of the unique elements of these two volumes of memoir is the participation of many of the subjects of my memories. Thanks to all these brave people who’ve contributed to the range and expression of these memories. Sad to say, some of the important actors had already passed on before they could have their recordings or words preserved in this format. Sometimes I’ve been able to locate their email messages to me and those writings find their way into supplementing my recollections.

The word “personal” for this volume is apt. Not many young people find the elderly and some specific seniors as rewarding and enthralling as I have. The level of enthusiasm for my adult crushes in almost embarrassing at this remove. But I still get a thrill out of recalling the various loves and crushes of my life. Each of them still gets star billing in the dreams I remember.

The chapter that features Dennis is still forming. Our lives now often return to talk of our pasts (both before and after we met in 1973). This means that there can easily be an update.

“On-going” can also be applied to the “Friends that Last” chapter. I await input from some friends that can offer a fun (and sometimes surprising) update.