Lehmann enjoyed sketching and painting the many people, places, and events in her life. Lehmann’s artwork was donated to the Special Collections Library at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). Shown here are personal photographs of some of Lehmann’s art, donated to UCSB Special Collections by Lehmann, Frances Holden and others. Lehmann wrote on the back of some photos, which adds personal interest to the images.

These images are scans of photographs courtesy of: Lotte Lehmann collection, PA Mss 02, Department of Special Collections, University Libraries, University of California, Santa Barbara. Many thanks to UCSB Special Collections Curator David Seubert and students Megan Williams and Margaret Rodenburg for their assistance in acquiring the images.

In the Portraits section you’ll find drawings from Winterreise. Lehmann gathered these together for a little booklet that she sent to Toscanini in the late 1940s. Later she repainted the images found at the complete Winterreise, along with her singing, speaking of the texts, and the final versions of the paintings.

Rosenkavalier Sketches
Landscapes, Buildings, and Still Lifes
Illustrations for “Of Heaven, Hell, and Hollywood”
Felt and Mosaics

Visual Inventory Catalog (informal)

UCSB Special Collections took pictures of their Lehmann art collection as a visual tool to catalog their holdings; the art is now stored in a warehouse. We believe the images shown here were intended to be that catalog; the alpha-numeric label shown in each picture is probably a catalog number. The pictures were not taken to showcase Lehmann’s art; there is no identifying information, lighting is poor, images are blurry, and the color chart and ruler often obscure some of the image. Aesthetics aside, I believe the images have historic value.

Etching Through Black Paint
Charcoal and Pencil Sketches and Studies
Florals, Landscapes, Operas, Abstracts