1. Carson Cooman’s “Ballad” from his set called Gold into Diamonds, 2007. Albany CD “New Dawn” with Amanda Forsythe, soprano and Jeffrey Grossman, piano.
2. Julian Korzeniowsky’s “The Atomic Bomb” from his set called The American Dream. A privately produced CD with Nina Guo, soprano; Charles Overton, harp; Alison Poh, Flute; and Linda Numagami, viola. jfelix92@gmail.com
3. Margaret Brouwer’s “SIZZZLE” 2000 was written as part of The Fanfares Project, a series of ten orchestral works by women composers. Gerard Schwarz conducted the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra on Naxos CD.
4. Leslie Uyeda’s “Flower Arranger” 2010 was heard from the privately produced Gutarias with Doug MacNaughton, baritone and guitar. www.DougMacNaughton.com
5. Carleton Macy’s “Road Songs” is a privately produced CD which includes the singer, Laura Nichols; the violinist, Mary Budd Horozaniecki; and the pianist Christine Dahl. They are all Studio Faculty at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN. There is a short program note on Macy’s web site at http://carletonmacy.com/work/road-songs/
6. Jennifer Higdon’s “Dash” from the Troy/Albany CD called Chamber Music. The Verismo Trio includes Nicole Riner, flute; Scott Turpen, soprano sax; and Theresa Bogard, piano.
7. David Heuser’s “Brave World” is from his set called Arrows, 2006 from a privately produced CD. The Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble: Timothy Jones, baritone; Danny Spiegel, piano; Campbell MacDonald, clarinet; and Norbert Lemandowsky, cello. www.davidheuser.com
8. Allan Crossman’s “Oh To Be 16 Again” or “My entire life before me” is from a privately produced CD with Richard Mix, bass and the composer, Allan Crossman, piano, from the Berkeley Arts Festival, 2014.
9. Paul Moravec’s “Ariel” from his Tempest Fantasy, the 2004 Pulitzer Prize winner. The Trio Solisti: Maria Bachmann, violin, Alexis Pia Gerlach, cello; and Jon Klibonoff, piano.
10. Robert Strobel’s “Loneliness” is from his set Three Songs of the Librarian, 2015, on a privately produced CD. Lisa Foltz, mezzo-soprano; and Chad Spears, piano. bobontheluge@hotmail.com
11. Aleks Savitzki’s Desert Pools is from a set called To Say the Truth, 2012, from a privately produced CD. Sara Lemesh, mezzo soprano; and Aya Yamomoto, piano. Aleks.savitski@gmail.com
12. Daniel Asia’s “Hine El Yeshuati,” (Behold God is my deliverance) is from his Celebration Symphony (No. 2) on the New World Records CD. The Phoenix Symphony is conducted by James Sedares.
13. Steve Heitzeg’s “Loveblessing,” based on words from the Bible, specifically first Corinthians, chapter 13, verses 4-7; from Wild Songs, an InNova CD. Polly Butler Cornelius, soprano; and Victoria Fischer Faw, piano.