Snow-white kerchief

Snow-white kerchief,
dark both field and furrow
He who loved me once has left me lonely

Silent, tearless, is it so true lovers part?
Chill of death I feel on my breaking heart.

Old Lament

I am as lonely as the bough along the road
Which everyone stumbles into and cuts off;
The destiny of my life now is just the same,
Because it is interwoven with thorny grief.

I began to wither like the rose in autumn,
Who has no patron anywhere;
I will keep going under the firmament,
Until I get rests under the black earth.

My Love

My love ears no resemblance to the moon
That wanders, gazing, dreaming through the night;
My love’s the flaring light of the midday sun,
Sparking with flames and regenerating.
My lips’ roses all bloom to burning kisses;
My eyes’ sparks are all fanned into raging fires,
And my body is now alight with savage passion,
Glowing with ecstasy of loving.

If I climb the Rocky Mountains

If I climb the Rocky Mountains all day through,
Sure I’ll find a sweetheart waiting, maybe two.
Ah me, love’s free, will not stray.
Why my darlin’s so soft hearted, who can say?

Try and blame me, fickle name me, if you will;
She who loved me first shall prove me, faithfull still.
Ah me, love’s free, not constant.
Why my darlin’s so soft hearted, who can say?

In the Valley

Already Autumn has come bringing death.
Pale flowers stand awaiting their slaughter.
Forlorn and cold, I see the ground like a ship
Sinking into black, icy water.

Already woods are mute that were noisy.
See the tears, that each ear clod is giving.
In shrouding mist I walk , feeling
That I in all the dead world, I alone am living.


My darlin is very ill,
Perhaps she will die (repeats)
If she does not die, she will have pains,
This will also be my grief (repeats)

Of your grave illness
Give me some too (repeats)
Let us feel it both,
Let me feel it too. (repeats)


Lying and longing, thirsting for breezes
In the blinding flue vault of heaven;
Where you look, there’s not a single shadow;
In that furnace every cloud has melted.
Open mouthed in sunlight I drink the rays.
The fiery sky seems to fall on me.
Under leafy branches Summer holds back
Its raging advance and for a moment stays.