Judges: Please send me an email with the names of your three favorite songs. Give 3 to your favorite, 2 to your second favorite, and 1 to your third place

1. gretchen am Spinnrade

2. ich hab in penna einen Liebsten wohnen

3. gute nacht (Franz)

4. spring waters (Rachmaninoff)

5. der doppelgänger

6. le rossignol des Lilas (Hahn)

7. kojo no tsuki (Taki) (Japanese)

8. selige Nacht (Marx)

9. give Me My Robe (Celia McDowall)

10. aime Moi (Chopin/Viardot)

11. tonerna

12. war det en dröm (Sibelius)

13. youth and Love (Vaughan Williams)

14. en priere (Fauré)

15. wind (Jee Seo) (Korean)