Elly Ameling

Dominick Argento

Adelheid Armhold, had been a Lieder specialist in Germany. Left for South Africa where she had a decent career. She ended up in Kailua, where I interviewed her and at the end of the interview she sang a phrase of Beethoven’s Ich liebe dich. She was in her late 90s at the time.

Dalton Baldwin

Mike Becker, trombonist, with a love for Fischer-Dieskau and for playing Lieder on the trombone.

Virginia Bennett, University of Hawaii professor; her specialty is Russian. We did the complete songs of Mussorgsky as well as other programs.

William Bolcom and Joan Morris

Robin Craver, a soprano living in Hawaii, who’d studied with Lehmann and told some interesting tales on mic.

Hughes Cuénod

Susan Duprey, then voice student, now choral conductor, helped with a program on Songs About Sleep.

Virgina Dupuy, mezzo soprano, who recorded Argento’s Diary of Virgina Wolff and introduced the work on air.

Drew Eckart, ‘cellist, with a great love of art song, helped in designing and voicing the program on the best performances of the Four Last Songs of Strauss.

Lore Fischer, German former mezzo soprano, who often gave master classes in Honolulu on her way to or from Japan.

Beebe Freitas, foremost collaborative pianist in Honolulu; she demonstrated, at the piano, various aspects of the art of the accompanist.

Mattias Goerne

Vicki Gorman, soprano, active in Honolulu during the 1990s and after.

Dale Hall, former professor of music at the University of Hawaii. His specialty is American classic songs. He helped with a program demonstrating the art of pop singing.

Dana Hanchard, soprano, who has specialized in performance practice Baroque singing, as well as “pop” tinged modern music. She introduced some of her recordings.

Thomas Hampson

Marilyn Horne

Helen Jepson, former Met opera soprano, famous in the 1930s-40s.

Thomas Jöstlein, horn player, helped design and voice a program on songs with important horn lines.

Annette Johannson, soprano, and voice professor at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. She helped with programs on Swedish composers, and introduced some of her own singing.

Judy Kellock, soprano

Lotte Lehmann

Christa Ludwig

Alma McGoldrick, British national, who helped with songs to Shakespeare words.

Rabbi Maggid, helped with High Holy Days program.

Gerdine Markus, mezzo soprano and Dutch national, who helped with a program of Dutch composers.

Eric Mathis, Canadian trombonist, with a love of Lieder. Helped with a program on Canadian composers.

Andrea Matthews, visiting soprano.

Mildred Miller

Katsuumi Niwa, tenor and professor in Japan; helped with programs on the history of Japanese classical song.

Karl Pittuch, then principal French horn of the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra; helped with program on song with French horn obligato.

Andre Previn

Hermann Prey

Josh Ranz, then clarinetist with the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra; helped with a program on song with clarinet obligato.

Ned Rorem

Steven Salter, baritone

William Scherer, then University of Hawaii professor and Goethe expert; helped with several Goethe programs.

Sissel Irene Sødel, soprano, Norwegian national, who studied voice at UH and helped with programs of Norwegian art song.

Frederica von Stade

Risë Stevens

Caitlin Tong, child who sent in a winning entry for the program and helped with a program of art songs that especially appeal to kids.

Damien Top, French tenor

George Walker, composer and pianist

Dan Welcher, composer

Robert White

Dr. Lesley A. Wright, University of Hawaii musicologist, helped with a program on Meyerbeer songs.