Rehearsing Fidelio with Toscanini

Lehmann was a busy lady; besides singing she wrote books, articles, poetry and painted and did other art work. This page will direct you to selections from her various writing, as well as articles and memories of LL written by others. Read what LL wrote about Bruno Walter. Or Der Rosenkavalier. The foreword and post script LL wrote to her autobiography are well-known and we offer, on the same page, her introduction to her book More than Singing. LL wrote her last book, Eighteen Song Cycles, in 1972. You may read the published as well as the unpublished (and Lehmann-candid) introduction. The page called “misc” writings is interesting to scroll through. You can find LL poetry, articles on Toscanini, her feelings about her own recordings and more.

But of course many others have written about LL. You can find what both experts and fans write, or read bios and obits. And there are magazine articles to read.