Easter Words of George Herbert; Set by Vaughan Williams

Rise heart; thy Lord is risen. Sing his praise
Without delays,
Who takes thee by the hand, that thou likewise
With him may’st rise;
That, as his death calcined thee to dust,
His life may make thee gold, and much more, Just.

Awake, my lute, and struggle for thy part
With all thy art.
The cross taught all wood to resound his name
Who bore the same.
His stretched sinews taught all strings, what key
Is best to celebrate this most high day.

Consort both heart and lute, and twist a song
Pleasant and long:
Or since all music is but three parts vied,
And multiplied;
O let thy blessed Spirit bear a part,
And make up our defects with his sweet art.

The Crucifixion Words by a 12th century monk translated from the ancient Irish by Howard Mumford Jones; Set by Samuel Barber

At the cry of the first bird
They began to crucify Thee, O Swan!
Never shall lament cease because of that.
It was like the parting of day from night.
Ah, sore was the suffering borne
By the body of Mary’s Son,
But sorer still to Him was the grief
Which for His sake
Came upon His Mother

Stabat Mater Words by Max Jacob; Set by Virgil Thomson

Ne pleurez pas, Madame.
Si votre fils est condamné.
Il ressuscitera par mirâcle après l’enterrement.
Comment ne pas pleurer un tel fils?
Ne pleurez pas si vous pouvez vous empêcher.
Laissez moi passer. Je veux aller près de lui.
Je veux mourir avec mon fils.
Vous mourrez à votre heure, Madame,
et vous ressusciterez pour l’Assumption.
Ne pleurez pas, ma mère, disait le fils unique.
Je sais ce que j’ai à faire.
Gardez mon sang. C’est un trésor.
On ne l’aura que par ma mort.
Quelle mère s’arrêterait de pleurer en perdant un fils
de trente ans?
Croyez en moi! ma mère.
Vous êtes Dieu sur terre.
Obéissez à votre père.
Je resterai sous le poteau à pleurer.
Consolez ma mère, Saint Jean.
Et qui me consolera, Seigneur?
Je vous consolerai avec les sacrements.
Weep not, Lady,
If your Son is condemned
He will miraculously come back to life after the burial!
How not to grieve for such a Son?
Do not weep if you can hold yourself back.
Clear the way! I want to be near Him
I want to die with my Son!
You will die in your own time, Lady.
And you will return to life for the Assumption
“Weep not, mother,” the Only Son said.
“I know what I must do.
Save my blood. It is a treasure.
Only through my death can it be obtained.”
What mother could stop weeping over the death
of a thirty year old Son?
“Have faith in me, Mother.”
You are God on earth.
Obey your Father.
I will stay by the post, weeping.
“Console my mother, Saint John!
And who will console me, my Lord?
I will console you through the Sacraments.

Ruht wohl from Bach’s St. John Passion

Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen gebeine,
Die ich nun weither nicht beweine,
Ruht wohl und bringt auch mich zur Ruh?

Das Grab, so euch bestimmet ist
Und ferner keine Not umschließt,
Macht mir den Himmel auf und schließt die Hölle zu.

Lie in peace, sacred body
For which I weep no longer,
And bring me also to my rest.

The grave that is yours
And holds no further suffering,
For me opens Heaven and closes Hell.

Jesus Christus unser Heiland Words of Friedrich Klopstock; Set by Schubert

Überwunden hat der Herr den Tod!
Des Menschen Sohn und Gott
Ist auferstanden!
Ein Sieger auferstanden!
The Lord has overcome death!
The Son of man and God
Is risen [from the dead]!
A Warrior-Victor is risen!

Um Mitternacht Words of Friedrich Rückert; Set by Gustav Mahler

Um Mitternacht
Hab’ ich gewacht
Und aufgeblickt zum Himmel;
Kein Stern vom Sterngewimmel
Hat mir gelacht
Um Mitternacht.

Um Mitternacht
Hab’ ich gedacht
Hinaus in dunkle Schranken.
Es hat kein Lichtgedanken
Mir Trost gebracht
Um Mitternacht.

Um Mitternacht
Nahm ich in Acht
Die Schläge meines Herzens;
Ein einz’ger Puls des Schmerzens
War angefacht
Um Mitternacht.

Um Mitternacht
Kämpft’ ich die Schlacht,
O Menschheit, deiner Leiden;
Nicht konnt’ ich sie entscheiden
Mit meiner Macht
Um Mitternacht.

Um Mitternacht
Hab’ ich die Macht
In deine Hand gegeben!
Herr über Tod und Leben
Du hältst die Wacht
Um Mitternacht!

At midnight
I awoke
and gazed up to heaven;
No star in the entire mass
did smile down at me
at midnight.

At midnight
I projected my thoughts
out past the dark barriers.
No thought of light
brought me comfort
at midnight.

At midnight
I paid close attention
to the beating of my heart;
One single pulse of agony
flared up
at midnight.

At midnight
I fought the battle,
o Mankind, of your suffering;
I could not decide it
with my strength
at midnight.

At midnight
I surrendered my strength
into your hands!
Lord! over death and life
You keep watch
at midnight!

Resurrection Words and Setting by Olivier Messiaen

Alleluia, alleluia
Il est le premier, le Seigneur Jesus.
Des morts, il est ler premier né.
Sept étoiles d’amour au transpercé,
Revetez votre habit de clarté.
“Je suis ressucité, je suis ressucité.
Je chante: pour toi, mon Pere, pour toi,
Mon Dieu, Alleluia
De mort a vie je passe.”
Un ange. Sur la pierre il s’est posé,
Parfum, porte, perle,
Azymes de la Verité.

Alleluia, alleluia
Nous l’avons touché, nous l’avons vu.
De nos mains nous l’avons touché.
Un seul fleuve de vie dans son coté,
Revetez votre habit de clarté.
“Je suis ressucité, je suis ressucité.
Je monte: vers toi, mon Pere, vers toi,
Mon Dieu, Alleluia.
De terre a ciel je passe.”
Du pain, Il le rompt et leurs yeux sont dessillés.
Parfum, porte, perle,
Lavez-vous dan la Verité.

Alleluia, alleluia
He is the first, the Lord Jesus.
Of the dead He is the first born.
Seven stars of love for the pierced,
Don your cloak of clarity.
“I am risen from the dead,
I sing: for Thee, my Father, for Thee,
My God, Alleluia.
I pass from death to life.”
An Angel! On the stone he perched.
Fragrance, gate, pearl,
Unleavened Truth.

Alleluia, alleluia
We have touched Him, we have seen Him.
With our hands we have touched Him.
One sole river of life is His side,
Don your cloak of clarity.
“I am risen from the dead,
I climb towards Thee, my Father towards Thee,
My God, Alleluia.
From earth to heaven I pass.”
Breathe. He breaks it and their eyes are opened.
Fragrance, gate, pearl,
Wash yourselves in Truth.

Am Charfreitag/On Good Friday Set by Mendelssohn

Um unsrer Sünden willen hat sich Christus erniedriget, und ist gehorsam geworden bis zum Tode am Kreuze; darum hat Gott ihn erhöhet, und ihm einen Namen gegeben, der über alle Namen ist. Halleluja!
For the sake of our sins Christ humbled himself, and became obedient unto death on the cross ; Therefore God has highly exalted him , and given him a name which is above every name. Allelulia